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Introducing the Crew



James Baker – Founder, head technician and qualified first aider.

As head technician, James provides inductions to the equipment and supervision where necessary. He is also happy to advise on any aspect of the making process, best practice and how to apply for funding.


Toft Jones – Head of user well-being, technician and qualified first aider.

As a qualified technician, Toft will assist in the use of equipment and advice on certain aspects of making processes. She is also happy to help with any concerns you have about MAKE and how we can make improvements to meet your needs.


Tannia Heyes – Marketing consultant

As marketing consultant, Tannia is happy to help you develop marketing strategies and give advice on a variety of advertising mediums.


Crowd Funding Backers:

Leszek Sikoń, Susana Piohtee, Tom Humphries, Chas Baker, Bramley_Apple69, Holland Banderton, Guillaumeklein101, ndt228, Tecwyn Vaughan Evans, Fran, Perry, Marcus Shephard, Michael Cash, Johannes Willis, Vicki Psarias-Broadbent, Ellie M James, Andie Jordan, Seonaid Cochrane, Elizabeth Sellers & Social Media Britannia.

Our Big Backers:

Herefordshire Community Foundation, Church Street Charitable Trust, UnLtd, Social Enterprise and Big Issue Invest.








Donating Time:

Dave Berkeley – Apple Accountants, Dr. Michael Hancock – Hvoss, Fran Horne, Nick Comley – Community First, Heather Roberts & Kate Richardson – McCormicks Solicitors via UnLtd.

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 A Team You Can Rely On!

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