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Affordable workshop in a convenient location, with easy access to facilities. Small community in which you can discuss ideas with and receive critical feedback. Having a diverse artistic community with which to discuss and develop ideas in a mature critical fashion.”

~ Alex Sellers, Sellers Blacksmithing, Hereford MAKE.


“It’s useful to have other smiths that you can learn new things from, I learnt an alternative method to welding that I didn’t know about before. It’s good to have non-smiths around to talk about what other people are doing”.

~ Ben Quick, The Quick Blacksmith, Hereford MAKE.


“This is a clean facility in contrast to my industrial dirty workshop – The connectivity of artistic community is beneficial to me every week both in terms of business and creative ideas and techniques. A place to design and make with connective communication amongst artistically driven minds enabling me to discuss ideas, develop business understanding, prepare for collaboration, prepare for manufacture store, develop skills, such as the upcoming bronze casting.”

~ Maker, Hereford MAKE.


“Each time I pop in to see the Hereford MAKE gang, I encounter a new face, and what strikes me about the new faces and everyone who uses the facilities, is that they’re not just in and out the door, they can’t seem to help but get involved in the organisation itself, which has created a wonderful and united community feel. They all clearly care very much about Hereford MAKE and as makers benefit massively from working together. Hereford MAKE did a superb job in supporting the h.Art Celebration event, for which they pulled out all the stops, made us feel very welcome and made their workspace look amazing too. James and the team have achieved great things, they’re very passionate and I wish them every success.”

~ Leoni Linton, Brightstripe.

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