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Pack It is both a Social Enterprise and a Social Firm.

It is a business created for the employment of people who have a disability or are otherwise severely disadvantaged in the labour market.
As a Social Enterprise it is a business which has explicit social aims and ethical values. It is accountable to its members and the wider community for it's social, environmental and economic impact. Profits are not distributed to individual shareholders as with many profit-making businesses, but are instead put back into the company to further its goals.

We love the fact that Pack It does a great job with our products and despatch but at the same time it runs an innovative training program for those on disability benefits who want to progress into real, paid jobs in the community. They believe that everyone has value and should have the opportunity to contribute in the workplace. They provide a safe and secure environment in which people with disabilities of all types can gain education and vocational training as well as develop skills, and gain the confidence necessary to reach their full potential. http://www.pack-it-hereford.com/

Henry Roger Jones
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Throughout my life I was always animated by the desire to make something or another. Every minute as a child I spent building something, as a teenager every hobby was about constructing models or art projects, every job in my adult life I ever had has been focused on making, on a craft or trade I can hone and perfect. The satisfaction in looking at my labours manifest is something I cannot do without.   

I have spent most of my adult life so far as a chef, but I recently decided that slaving over a hot stove would never equal the satisfaction found by slaving over a hot forge. This choice has turned out to be one of the best in my life and in the past two years of study at Herefordshire and Ludlow college I have received high marks, in my first year of study I won third prize for contemporary ironwork at the three counties fair, at the end of my second year I managed to win first prize!   

I find inspiration in classical styles of ironwork and always seek to push my technical ability forward so that I make one day match the splendour of our heritage ironwork. I am also inspired by the ancient Celtic designs which I often incorporate into my work. The knotwork, spirals and key patterns are something not found in classical ironwork but present a satisfying technical challenge and, I believe, will breathe new life into the blacksmithing craft with inspiration taken from the deep roots of our culture. 

Aaron Houghton
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I started at age 8 as an outsider artist maker in the mountainous region of Snowdonia in North Wales where I specialised in sketch and painting with a local artist mentor.  My educational background is that of home education from a very young age where aside tutoring from the mentor I was solely educated through parental tutoring for 6 years. This is where I was introduced to hands on skills such as engineering, fabrication and blacksmithing. I would later continue on to a college education in art where I explored the formal art theory and how to incorporate it into my home practice. The results of this experience is what led me to look at blacksmithing and studying Artist blacksmithing at degree level.

At the time of my entering college education I pursued my childhood interest of history, here I developed a passion for recreating heritage wares in wood and metal. This passion also developed into inspiration for my artistic endeavours, where traditional process would shape the construction of my contemporary items. Along side this my inspirations have been rooted in such makers as Phyreforge, David Chapman, Paul Binns and Francisco Gaziuta, who through working with, researching or even talking to have influenced my creative process.

For my artistic pieces the techniques and processed I have developed through my journey of finding my visual identity, I develop work that instils a level of emotional response that can be inviting for the individual to examine the work closer. The intent being for the individual to engage with the work on an intellectual level perceiving my ideas behind the artefact created.    

Though I enjoy the creation of artistic pieces I like to challenge my technical capability with the construction of heritage replication and historic competitive sporting pieces. I take great satisfaction knowing that I am able to create equipment that endures in harsh environments, excessive use in re-enactment activities and displays. 

My achievements have been recognised through being awarded The Netherton Fresh Air prize, 2nd place in the Royal Welsh show and Talent Spotted award by the Company of Goldsmiths at New Designers.

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