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Hereford Make is here to help the community achieve it’s goals whether a community group, individual or collaboration partnership. Hereford Make has helped find funding to enable students get extra time making, graduates start up and community groups get bespoke items made.

The best thing to do is book an appointment so our staff can help. Having the following information for the appointment will help the process:

How much are you after?

How much have you raised?

What is it for?

Who does it help?

What is your legal structure? If you do not know this that is fine.

What are your circumstances?

Do you have any relevant awards?

You can also find out more about how to put together your application form from our friendly staff at Hereford MAKE.

Whether you are a student, launching or developing a business or not in education or employment we want to enable you to pursue your goals and ultimately develop a career.

To enable to do have the best chance possible, we have scouted out about a variety of funding bodies, so you can apply for the funding you need.

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