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Whether you are a student, hobbyist, professional or just want to come and have a go, we have the perfect package for you. With activity sessions for visitors and workspace for students, hobbyists or professionals, we really aim to accommodate everyone.

Packages can provide access to our craft workshop and contemporary craft studios, with additional use of our forge.




We provide blacksmithing activities to visitors and a workplace to students,

hobbyists and professional blacksmiths.

Our forge with welding and fabrication facilities includes:

  • 3x double hearth forges,

  • 6x 153 kg Swiss-like pattern anvils with stands,

  • 3x leg vices,

  • gas furnace,

  • plasma cutter,

  • linisher,

  • fly press,

  • pillar drill,

  • power hammer,

  • welder MMA MIG,

  • 30 ton hydraulic press,

  • 45 ton hydraulic crop with a selection of punches.

  • Oxy-Acetylene torch

  • Variety of hand tools

Our equipment offers a solid start to any blacksmith, as we can provide efficient, flexible and cost-effective prototyping alongside batch production.

Visitors looking to do a blacksmithing activity may bring in designs and ideas, will be shown how to use the equipment safely and supported by our technicians while working.



Whether you are a student, hobbyist, professional or just want to come and have a go, we can provide you with studio space, workbenches, equipment and technical assistance in our craft workshop and studios.

Our newly furbished craft workshop includes:

  • hot desks,

  • communal workbenches,

  • a variety of hand tools,

  • A2 roll colour printer

  • Digital photography studio

  • IT suite with Microsoft Office, Turbo CAD and Adobe Creative Cloud


Our traditional and contemporary craft studios also provide a spacious and flexible workspace to makers of many kinds.

When you join MAKE you gain access to available hot desks. As a monthly user you can also choose a personal workstation – either a desk or workbench and storage, so you can keep whatever you are making at MAKE.

Visitors looking to do an activity may bringing in designs, ideas or items they wish to up-cycle or mend. You will be shown how to use the equipment safely and be supervised by a supporting technician while working.

As we aim to enable careers, we also have a wish list, which you are invited to add to. Whatever you make and whatever equipment you need we will try to accommodate you, so if you have any specific requirements comment below and we will look into developing our workshop and studios to give you the freedom to make.


Blacksmithing per calendar month  – £200 + £20 consumables fee + £20 gas fee. This package is for graduates and start ups.

Studio  – £75 per calendar month  – this is for graduates and start ups.

£30 an evening or ½ a day hire

£50 for 1 day hire

£60 for ½ a day group activity

£100 for 1 day group activity

£300 for evenings and weekends access for full time students for the academic year

All prices exclude materials, consumables and fuel unless stated otherwise.

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