Get Involved!!

There are several options that can help us build on what we offer to our community of makers.

As a maker you may want to:

  • Volunteer to help free up staff so they can provide better services to you and others. We may also be able to use the time you spend volunteering to bid for matched funding.

  • Send a letter of interest, which would consist of you name, address, a little bit about why you are interested in having access to additional facilities and what medium you wish to use. This will show an interest in Hereford MAKE and demonstrate demand for development. Your letter will be used in relevant applications for funding.

  • Send a letter of intent consisting of a statement that you will use our facilities and how often you will use them. This letter forms a contract, so you will be bound by your statement, but the letter will prove that people are willing to pay for our facilities. This demonstrates sustainability allowing access to larger funds. Letters of intent are more compelling than letters of interest, but we understand if you feel more comfortable writing a letter of interest.

  • Interested parties may also wish to make a donation

  • Donations are always welcome, no matter how big or small, they cover expenses that funding bodies will not.

  • Donations of relevant equipment are always welcome to replace old equipment, access new equipment or allow us to remake something unwanted into something necessary. You are more than welcome to add your make to a donated item for advertising purposes.

  • You can also help by making us a Social Investment Loan. This provides the lender with tax relief – 30% of what you lend will be deducted from your tax bill and we pay back the total loan in a single payment after a minimum of three years.


With Hereford MAKE’s aim to expand to deliver new services and improve current services we need additional members on our board with the following skills:

  • Legal and governance

  • Finance and accounts

  • Sales and marketing

  • Human resources

  • Health and Safety

If you feel you can devout time to be on our board (about 3 hours a month for meetings) and help with specific problems within your skill set outside board meetings please contact James Baker at .

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