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Herefordshire faces multiple social problems based on its social economic circumstances. Hereford’s population is only ~59,000 and the county is ~180,000 making our population density 1/3 of the national average. Herefordshire has the 2nd lowest mean wages in the UK and the worst house prices, due to being linked wages. This combined with a lack of higher education options and high skill jobs opportunities means about 300 – 400 young people leave the county each year and do not return. This loss of young p eople compounds the ageing population of 50% of the population is 50 and older and the population is under skilled compared to the national average.

So Herefordshire needs skilled, employed young people and we look to the creative industries to help provide solutions. Hereford has the one of about four specialist art colleges in the country and the National School of Blacksmithing. This results in the only BA (hons) Artist Blacksmithing and MA (hons) Contemporary Craft specialising in blacksmithing courses in the world.

The BA (hons) Contemporary Craft Design and BA (hons) Jewellery Design produce high quality work with Hereford College of Arts wining 2011 New Designers Best in show. The U.K.’s creative industry is estimated to be £84.1 billion with the U.K.’s single largest export being artist craft goods showing you can have a career in the creative industries. What is missing is a place where these young people can work with affordable access to equipment to make their ideas. The equipment needed has to be to an industrial standard to be productive in making the designs without compromise.

This is where Hereford MAKE comes in with 7200 sq ft of Premises in central Hereford offering affordable opportunities for established artists, makers and creatives as well as students and recent graduates. Impressive resources supporting a growing creative community. With individual studio spaces as well as a large communal workspace, forges and small bronze casting facility. Business support provided through mentoring, hot-desking and help with funding to help promote and develop commercial opportunities.

This small but growing community of artists and makers offer mutual support as well as the potential for joint ventures, collaborations and economies of scale. We support the wider community by assisting them them in a number of ways. The facility is open to the public to help address their needs.

This includes, but not limited to: Taster sessions of different processes, techniques and skills to see if they can find something that suits them to go into employment, education or training. Repair items that are needed to help address poverty issues. Make personal projects that the individual wants to help well being. These facilities help address several problems faced by individuals, the community and the county.

Letting people of different skill levels and needs get access to resources to make a positive impact to them



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